• obf
    Roland Berger
    Managing Director / IHK certified data protection officer

    For us, there is no alternative to TANSS®. More ticket system is not possible!

    We switched from a competitor to TANSS® in September 2018 and are very happy we did. Technician productivity has increased by about 30% since using TANSS®. We spent a long time looking into the issue of the ticket system and quickly realized that TANSS® is without alternative. The perfect support and the fast response time from the manufacturer has always confirmed that we made the right decision to switch to TANSS®. Our company currently employs over 20 people and serves customers in the IT, telecommunications and data protection sectors.

  • mxp
    Roland Berger
    Managing Director MXP

    The evaluations support the continuous improvement of service quality

    Since April 2019, MXP has been using TANSS® as its ticket system. During the changeover, the company HUCK IT supported us very well, so that this process was easy for the entire team. In addition, MXP uses the system in a modular way and did not book the complete package from the beginning, which also made the changeover easier. The available statistics and evaluations support the continuous improvement of service quality, the management of maintenance contracts relieves internal resources, and the detailed support evaluations are conducive to transparency. As a next step, we will add technician deployment planning to relieve further internal resources.

  • foxit
    Franz Obermayer
    Managing Director, FOX-IT GmbH

    With TANSS® we were not only able to map our processes optimally, but also to improve them.

    As an ISO27001-certified company, we were not only able to map our processes optimally with TANSS®, but also to improve them. In this way, we were able to create the necessary transparency for us and our customers that a modern IT operation needs today. We were able to achieve our goal of significantly minimizing unbillable services by our service technicians and idle time soon after introducing TANSS®. The implementation effort itself was very manageable, so that we were able to go live in less than four weeks without any major implementation effort.

  • schneiderwulf
    Sven Wulf
    Managing Director, Schneider & Wulf EDV-Beratung GmbH & Co KG

    Today, all customers have access to TANSS®, we ourselves are transparent to the customer and this has also significantly improved quality.

    Schneider & Wulf found itself at the point of not being able to demonstrate clean service processing. Service times were lost, signatures were missing, orders could not be processed in a structured way. And the most important thing we hadn't been able to solve for years was transparency to the customer. Today, all customers have access to TANSS, we ourselves are transparent to the customer, and this has also significantly improved quality. Our technicians always have to maintain the current status of the tickets. All technicians work with the daily statistics to see how productive they were today. All orders from customers are tickets and also the entire planning of projects runs through the system. As a result, the current status is always clear for us and the customer. The logical step was that all technicians are currently equipped with Iphones. Here they can also access new tickets while on the road. Our technical manager now only works with an IPAD and always has access to the current status of all customers. o conclude, we can only benefit from the system and have implemented many more things with it, but we don't want to reveal everything either. 🙂 We can still emphasize the fast conversion to productive operation, also the good support when we need help.

  • netz16
    Christian Popp
    Dipl. Computer Scientist (FH), Netz16 GmbH

    Since July, we have been using TANSS® to its full extent for approx. 35 technicians. Almost all available modules are used.

    Dear Mr. Huck, dear TANSS® team, We would like to take this opportunity to officially thank you for the truly outstanding introduction of TANSS® in our company. Rarely have we carried out an internal IT project so efficiently and smoothly. Since July, we have been using TANSS® to its full extent for approx. 35 technicians. Almost all available modules are being used. The system was immediately recognized by all employees as a helpful tool and used successfully. The consistent use of the iPhone and iPad app has made the entire service process extremely optimized. The billing and posting of all services is done in just a few minutes - so not only fun for the technicians, but also for the ladies who have to do the commercial processing. The administration of our numerous service contracts and the booking of the corresponding services is done with minimal effort - usually automatically. The interface to the automatic inventory and the connection to our monitoring system bring very smart processes in practice. TANSS® is certainly not just a ticket system, but a system house philosophy. And I have to hand it to you, this great philosophy is quite unique on the market and gives you and us the important edge over the competition! Summary 2012: TANSS® was a good decision in every respect (also financially). Current report 2018: 5 years have now passed since the introduction of Tanss and we were able to develop our business with Tanss and systematically. Meanwhile, our company has about 140 employees who are completely managed by Tanss. Our customers appreciate the reliable and transparent accounting of the system. Through clear evaluations, we have been able to determine the status of technology, contracts and projects at any time over the past years and initiate appropriate measures as needed. The cooperation with Tanss is very professional and we are always pleased when our comments on the hotline lead to concrete developments in the software.

  • kraemerIT
    Michael Krämer
    Managing Director, Krämer IT-Solutions GmbH

    I can only recommend the use of TANSS® to any system house, regardless of whether it has two or two hundred employees.

    Dear Mr. Huck, I would like to give you a reference for your product TANSS®. In the middle of 2009 I got to know your product for the first time. This was in discussions about the connection of our monitoring solution Server-Eye to your ticket and service management product TANSS®. At that time, the main focus for me was of course the interface agreement as well as the resulting possibilities for our product. But in the course of the discussions, I recognized more and more the possibilities and huge advantages that arise for our company with TANSS®. As a system house with almost 40 employees, we have grown significantly in recent years and have tried to support and map organizational structures with our own developments. At that time, I was always of the opinion that what we have programmed ourselves, another product can never represent in a way for us. In November 2009, we began with a first test to approach your product and to put your product through its paces. Such tests are usually time-consuming and also tend to be pushed back a bit. However, our leading technician recognized the advantages of this product for himself and kept "urging" me as the managing director to push the project further, so that we very quickly made the decision to use the product throughout the company as of 01.01.2010. In your product presentations and trainings you always emphasized the ROI of the product and claimed that the purchase price of the product would pay for itself within the first year. Of course, it is not possible to make an exact analysis of what the return on investment has been in day-to-day business. what I can say exactly in any case is that our organization has improved significantly. The information is much more precise. A very high level of transparency towards the customer has been created and a very important point is that the management of now 40 employees would have been almost impossible with our old system and I am sure that the growth would never have been possible without TANSS®. My original opinion that self-made tools can never be replaced by a third-party product was wrong. Not only were we able to replace our home-made tools with TANSS®, but we were also able to gain a lot of know-how, new ideas and innovations through their product in addition to the topics we already covered. I can only recommend the use of TANSS® coupled with their know-how and their reliability and straightforwardness to any system house, no matter if it has two or two hundred employees.

  • mh
    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hoffmann
    Managing Director, MH-Computersysteme

    All employees are happy about the use of TANSS®. This creates motivation.

    We have been using TANSS® since March 2006 and have greatly increased our efficiency as a result," says Michael H. Hoffmann, managing partner of MH-Computersysteme GmbH & Co. KG from Hanau. The interaction of employees between back office, technology and project management has become much more transparent. This helps enormously with billing. Furthermore, the work performed for the customer can be traced chronologically, which is a great help. The project control is also strongly supported by TANSS® Project Tickets. The calculated times are always under control. In conjunction with our merchandise management system MENTION, monthly invoicing has become child's play. The effort was reduced from 1.5 days to a few hours. All activities can be linked to the respective device. This automatically results in complete documentation. The customer can log on to the system and see all the activities that have been carried out for him. This creates trust and transparency. We can no longer imagine our company without TANSS®. TANSS® is a very valuable tool for system houses.

  • We have become more versatile and work more effectively

    Above all, TANSS® has brought us speed and transparency. Every employee - from the receptionist to the managing director - can immediately inform the customer about the current status of his ticket and all technicians can continue working on a project without having to ask their colleagues. All times are recorded, which gives us internal planning security and enables complete documentation for the customer. And the fact that the paperwork has come to an end, with services falling by the wayside every now and then, also gives us financial security. Our IT support staff are equipped with iPads, so we have all the relevant information in the office before they get back from the customer's site. Signatures are made directly and are always available, as is all the information the technician needs at the customer site. Some customers have full access, but it has also given the customers who can only open tickets a much better insight into how we work, which is much easier to structure through TANSS. We have become more versatile and work more effectively. The support is also worth mentioning. If there are any questions or difficulties, they are answered or resolved immediately. An absolutely recommendable program.

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