We are HUCK IT

Behind TANSS is a dedicated team of software developers, IT consultants, customer success managers, UX designers, content creators and sales people who are passionate about the future of IT. From our modern office near Darmstadt, we develop our software, design new products, and host nationwide events for our TANSS community. With our IT system house background, we have the know-how to support our customers in the best possible way. Taking a fresh approach and exploring new possibilities, all designed with the end-user in mind. Although we’ve rapidly grown, our goals remain the same: to inspire our customers with innovative and user-centred software.

HUCK IT was originally established in the early ’90s as an IT service provider. After struggling to find an IT service management software that met the business needs, our founder Ralf Huck turned vision into reality and came up with his own solution. The result: TANSS, a service management software designed to optimise business processes, improve service quality, and increase productivity.

From there, we began to share our software with other IT service providers, and demand for TANSS grew exponentially. In 2019, we closed our IT service unit to fully focus on software, and we haven’t looked back. Today, TANSS is the market leading service management software for IT and managed service providers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Our goal: Your success!

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