• #Business

    Innovative workshop formats to learn from each other and discover TANSS from new perspectives

  • #Networking

    A change of location with a vacation feeling for an inspiring exchange in partnership

  • #Fun

    Get-together at the wine tasting, eating paella or on the sea: variety is guaranteed

TANSS CONTENT HOUSEThe meeting for key users in Mallorca!

14 system house bosses, far away from the daily business, in a small exclusive setting - 3 days of business, networking & fun! Great workshops and activities that take us to a new level of exchange, know-how transfer and community building.

  • Michael Richter, ProLan Computer GmbH

    “The selection of participants was perfect. Everyone worked openly, showed their challenges, solutions and support. Many participants were able to make contacts and will continue to exchange ideas with each other in the future, something I have not yet experienced with system house managers.“

    Michael Richter, ProLan Computer GmbH
  • Gunnar Weitschad, Base2 IT Consult

    “Mallorca was crazy: the key thing was to take a dip. It was an idyll without many distractions. The best prerequisite for moving something forward together.“

    Gunnar Weitschad, Base2 IT Consult
  • Alexander Assmusen, PLENIUM

    “At the winery, one could let the view wander and have stimulating conversations. A great, rounding event at TANSS level. That connects me with you: Someone put a lot of thought into this and it was just fun to get into it and know it was going to be good.“

    Alexander Assmusen, PLENIUM
  • Philipp Rieseberg, Rieseberg & Partner GmbH

    “TANSS has always been more than a product for us. In addition to Ralf's basic idea with its clear practical relevance, it is about what the community can contribute: The exchange and sharing of experiences - solutions that one might not even know oneself yet.“

    Philipp Rieseberg, Rieseberg & Partner GmbH

Day 1: Get to know each other

  • My TANSS. Your TANSS.

    Under the motto 'getting to know each other', we not only got to know the location and the participants, but also each other's TANSS systems. The focus was on the way of working and the set-up in the company - distances were quickly overcome and best practices and challenges could be exchanged at eye level.

    My TANSS. Your TANSS.
  • Paella Cooking

    The paella show cooking at sunset was undoubtedly the culinary highlight of the first day. The guests had the opportunity to watch the authentic preparation of the paella and then enjoy it in a relaxed atmosphere at dinner together. A special conclusion to a successful first day.

    Paella Cooking
Marc Hurrelmann, Midland IT GmbH

“I really enjoyed the workshops and getting to know each other. It is an exceptional situation to participate in such workshops with 14 system house managers, so a good start is always important. You have solved this perfectly: You created the best conditions and then the results were really great.“

Marc Hurrelmann, Midland IT GmbH

Day 2: Learning from each other

  • Barcamp

    The barcamp allowed specialization on desired topics through supply and demand of the participants. At the beginning, different sessions were prepared and pitched, then the most requested topics were presented and deepened in interest groups. Exciting input, knowledge transfer on a high level and new insights for all participants resulted in a valuable workshop.

  • Wine & Dine

    Special wines, authentic food and a picturesque setting: The second day ended with a wine tasting with a breathtaking view over Mallorca and provided unique moments in an exuberant mood. After the wine tasting, we were treated to an authentic Spanish tapas dinner and were able to continue exchanging ideas in relaxed conversations. The delicious specialties and lively conversations made this evening an unforgettable highlight in Mallorca.

    Wine & Dine
Gunnar Weitschad, Base2 IT Consult

“The winery was a magical place. After work, when you are mentally exhausted, great atmosphere, sunset mood, delicious wines and tasty food, relaxed mood, chill music - everything just fit.“

Gunnar Weitschad, Base2 IT Consult

Day 3: Making with each other

  • Impulses & deepenings

    The third day offered time for individual focus topics and exchange among like-minded people. Dynamic interest groups formed, diving into self-selected topics together and sharing relentlessly honest know-how and experiences with each other. This exchange was characterized by fascinating innovations and growing trust.

    Impulses & deepenings
  • Catamaran Tour

    The catamaran tour formed the conclusion of three very successful Content House days. In perfect weather, we anchored in a secluded bay off the coast of Mallorca and deepened our conversations over a drink and dinner. In the midst of this fantastic scenery, a burger buffet was served on board, accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere and summer music at a dreamlike sunset. It was an unforgettable evening full of enjoyment and serene atmosphere in Mallorca.

    Catamaran Tour
Philipp Rieseberg, Rieseberg & Partner GmbH

“The fun factor was of course present at this event, but the focus was already on the exchange on an honest basis with an openness that I do not know from other events so.“

Philipp Rieseberg, Rieseberg & Partner GmbH

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