Maintenance contracts, full-service contracts & prepaid contingents

  • Successfully calculate contracts
  • Real-time statistics and evaluations
  • Define contract details individually

Optimally calculate and manage different contract models

TANSS® maps the entire logic of your IT service contracts - from contract creation to billing. When services and tickets are created, a fully automatic decision is made as to whether individual contract definitions apply. As a system house manager or IT manager, comprehensive statistics and evaluation options provide you with an up-to-date picture of the cost-effectiveness of your IT service contracts at any time.

Maximum flexibility in contract creation and definition

Define flexibly which devices, support locations and/or service types are part of your maintenance and IT service contracts. Store contract-specific hourly rates, rounding parameters and response times. Manage contract duration, termination and renewal periods and much more. TANSS® offers you all the functionalities you need to create even complex contract models and decides fully automatically whether the service is part of a contract based on the individual contract definitions during service entry.

Maximum flexibility in contract creation and definition
Maximum flexibility in contract creation and definition

Statistics and evaluations

  • How many hours of a prepaid quota are still open?
  • Are full-service contracts calculated economically?
  • Which contracts earn the most money?

TANSS provides you with the answers

Map managed services in TANSS:

Manage IT service contracts like a dream

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