Manage licenses, service and care packs more conveniently than ever before

  • Define individual license categories
  • Keep an eye on license expiration dates
  • License assignments to employees or devices

All license information at a glance

TANSS® License Management offers everything you need for reliable license management and monitoring. Thanks to the possibility to define license categories individually, you can adapt the structure perfectly to your needs and keep all relevant information in one place. Whether license expiration date, device or employee assignment - with TANSS® the license details are directly available to you.

All license information at a glance
All license information at a glance

Document license details comprehensively

TANSS® provides you with the optimal overview of all license information, such as remarks, serial numbers, passwords, documents and much more. The comprehensive support and tick histories for licenses and care packs enable IT administrators to maintain an overview at all times.

Never miss a license expiration date again

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