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TANSS & servereye

September 2023

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  • Basic Module
  • Device Management
  • Ticket System
  • Project Ticket
  • Master Ticket
  • Maintenance Contract
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  • Customer Login
  • License Management
  • Deployment Planning
  • Absence Management
  • Telephony
  • Remote Maintenance
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Michael Krämer on the human core of a technological partnership: TANSS and servereye

"Technology is constantly evolving, but at the heart of every successful partnership is the human being," says Michael Krämer, CEO of Krämer IT Solutions. In a rousing conversation, he talks about the beginnings of his company, which he founded at the age of 17, to today's collaboration with TANSS.

Michael Krämer on the human core of a technological partnership: TANSS and servereye

Krämer IT Solutions and servereye - A short insight

With 31 years of experience in the IT industry, Krämer IT Solutions has always placed emphasis on creating effective and cost-efficient solutions for their customers. "servereye", the IT monitoring software from Krämer IT Solutions, reflects this philosophy: before the customer notices an IT problem, servereye has usually already identified it. The tools range from backup monitoring to anti-ransomware solutions to make life easier for customers through efficient remote management.

Krämer IT Solutions and servereye - A short insight

True partnership: When trust and technology go hand in hand

Michael speaks passionately about what makes a true partnership for him: "Honesty, trust and eye level. For us, it's the people behind the technology that count." He is not the type to simply do business for the sake of doing business. Yes, technology and money play a role, but what really counts is the genuine human connection. A good example of this is the collaboration between TANSS and Krämer IT. The basis of their work is not only the technical integration of their products, but above all a common understanding and goal: to constantly improve service for their customers. "We have congruent views, work together fairly and share the same philosophy." - Michael emphasizes. Long story short: It just has to fit. And here it fits perfectly.

Integration makes it possible: More efficiency, less technology stress!

The partnership between TANSS and servereye - that is, the integration of the two products - has brought significant added value to all sides. "It has enabled us to streamline our processes, optimize workflows and effectively forward faults to technicians," explains Michael, "the cooperation has allowed us to create added value for our customers and position both our product and TANSS more successfully and visibly in the market." Thanks to the mutual communication between the products, employees can work more transparently, focus better on their core tasks and have to deal less with technical details. "This integrative approach has been key for us to work more efficiently," Michael emphasizes.

From system houses for system houses

Michael highlights how both TANSS and servereye were born out of the direct need of system houses, and thus provide exactly what they need - "Ralf had identified the gap in documentation and billing at the time, while I saw the importance of monitoring." "We've been in business for over 20 years now, and with unwavering reliability and honesty. As the last few years have shown, in critical times you need partners you can rely on, who really understand a situation and can help" - Michael says, putting it in a nutshell.

From system houses for system houses

Partnership at eye level

Communication is another key word for Michael. Hence the proximity to the partners, both on the physical and on the communicative level. "You can call, talk to each other, and you understand each other - even though some of us may only speak the Saarland dialect," Michael says with a twinkle in his eye. It's not just a convenient level of communication, but also another level of security. And security is relevant in several dimensions. Not only in the security of the data, but also in the trusting cooperation with partners. More than business - humanity counts At the end of the conversation, Michael emphasizes, "Our greatest asset is people - our team, our partners, and of course our customers. It's the human relationships that make up our business and are at the core of our business philosophy."

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