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TANSS pioneer: mainsystems and the strategic decision before the foundation

Advancing digitization and the increasing complexity of IT systems require an effective management and support structure within system houses. One key to this is advanced ticketing systems that provide transparency and efficiency for both technicians and customers, and serve as a link between customer inquiries and the technical solutions provided by IT experts. We spoke to Kristof Felsö, Managing Director of mainsystems, a system house that has been using TANSS since its inception, and were able to gain a deeper insight into his practical use of TANSS in this context.

TANSS pioneer: mainsystems and the strategic decision before the foundation

Who is behind mainsystems and how long has the company been using TANSS?

Kristof Felsö is the managing director of mainsystems in Offenbach, a small to medium-sized system house with eleven people. Kristof has been using TANSS since day 1! And he means that literally, because he bought TANSS before he even founded the system house. Even at the time of founding, he knew that TANSS simply belonged to his startup setup at that time.

Who is behind mainsystems and how long has the company been using TANSS?

How did Kristof become aware of TANSS?

Kristof knew Ticket-System from his former employer. He remembers a formative experience in 2014, when he lost a customer to another company that used TANSS. Kristof wanted to know why the customer switched providers and found that the transparency the new IT service provider could offer with TANSS was key to that decision. This involved information such as service, response times and other relevant data. When he started his own company in 2017, he was looking for something he could offer that not every company his size could. At the time, TANSS was primarily used by large IT houses, while many smaller companies or sole proprietors were not yet using it. Kristof saw an opportunity here to offer his customers services that not everyone in his price range had. From the beginning, he planned to scale and grow his business and knew TANSS was the right choice to do so. So the software became a major factor in his decision to start his own business.

How did the launch go and what features does mainsystems predominantly use?

After a meeting with the TANSS team, who introduced him to the various functions such as ticket types, service types, ticket masks and the function to create services, the decision was made rather quickly for Kristof and the purchase of TANSS was sealed. Although he was shown many features, it was ultimately the statistics feature - the ability to see which device had incurred which costs - that convinced Kristof to start using TANSS in 2017. That's because when he started his business, it was especially important for him to be able to show the transparency of where costs were coming from, since his technicians were always booking against allocations, such as equipment, licenses, and employees. This information can be evaluated through the statistics modules of TANSS. Today, he still uses the statistics function to show his customers, based on the problems they have in certain areas, the reason and the size of their bills. Over time, of course, other excellent and important features such as the processes and checklists have been added for him.

- Kristof Felsö (mainsystems)
I was able to offer the customer something that maybe not everyone in my size had, and that was the deciding factor in why I wanted TANSS.
- Kristof Felsö (mainsystems)

Are there other features that mainsystems can't do without?

Kristof emphasized the importance of TANSS' interfaces and APIs, which allow it to connect to various systems such as the PBX or TeamViewer. This openness and connectivity is extremely valuable to his company, as it allows TANSS to be the leading system, and technicians don't have to deal with multiple systems. He gives a practical example: New customers or suppliers are created in TANSS, so all master data is stored there. This data is then synchronized into their ERP system and a customer number is assigned, which is then fed back into TANSS. In this way, TANSS has the lead role and all addresses and contact data are always available in both TANSS and their ERP system. This offers the advantage that a technician always has all the necessary information available if, for example, he needs to call a supplier. In addition, Kristof uses all of TANSS' modules because he wants to take full advantage of the software's capabilities. Over time and as his company has grown, he has gradually acquired the various modules.

What are the opportunities for TANSS events?

"The first time I attended a TANSS event, I ran into many familiar faces from the industry. I like to compare the experience to a class reunion: You look forward to seeing everyone again for a few days and working together" - Kristof told us. Kristof finds it very interesting to see different ways of using TANSS and to learn how others use their TANSS systems. Sharing at the events helps him to review his own way of application and see if there are other effective or justified methods. In addition, he thinks highly of the opportunity to work directly with others in TANSS and see their applications. "I especially appreciate the openness of everyone present, the high participation and interest of the participants speak for the quality of the events" - Kristof shared with us at the end of the interview.

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