Opens the door to the world of the automated IT system house

  • Process email and automate managed services
  • Coupling monitoring systems directly with TANSS
  • Automatic ticket processing and service creation

Fully automated preprocessing of standardized e-mails

Are there processes in your company that you wish would take care of themselves? With the TANSS® Mail Robot, many processes can be fully automated. The Mail Robot enables you to read standardized e-mails based on defined rules and to process them fully automatically in TANSS® tickets and record services.

Example: Fully automate data backup checks

The Mail Robot, in combination with the maintenance contract, offers you a powerful tool for automating your managed services. Imagine you have agreed with your customer to perform a daily backup check on certain devices. From now on, your monitoring system and TANSS® will do the work. The monitoring system sends a standardized mail "Backup check successful" to TANSS®. This mail is processed by TANSS®. The daily task "Check data backup" is completed fully automatically and documented in TANSS® as a completed service of a technician. If the monitoring system reports an error, TANSS® opens a ticket. If TANSS® does not receive an e-mail within 24 hours, a ticket is also opened.

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