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Mai 2023

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    Gunnar Weitschat und

    Patrick Wienecke

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    Since 2014

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  • Device Management
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  • Maintenance Contract
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Base2 IT Consult: Growing together with TANSS

The system house of Base2 IT Consult GmbH is located in a peripheral area of the beautiful northern German Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Since 2014, the company, which specializes in IT solutions, consulting, concepts, managed services, individual security models and location-independent communication, has grown together with TANSS. Because after the attempt to develop their own solution failed due to too much complexity, they came across the service management solution TANSS during their search for a tool for asset management. A tool that is now an integral part of the company's day-to-day operations and that inspired the team from the very first moment. In an exciting interview with the two managing partners Gunnar Weitschat and Patrick Wienecke, we were able to find out what triggered this enthusiasm and how Base2 IT Consult GmbH experienced the collaboration with HUCK IT.

Base2 IT Consult: Growing together with TANSS

Base2 IT x TANSS: The beginning of a long-term cooperation

When Base2 IT started looking for a suitable tool, the focus was on one aspect in particular: it had to be browser-based. However, what is standard today was hardly common at the time. "There were other products with a GUI-based interface, but we didn't want that. That's why we decided on TANSS," says Patrick Wienecke. They had discovered it at another system house at the time and then got to know it properly again during a presentation by the TANSS team at CeBIT. Over the years, the company continued to grow, just like the functional scope of TANSS. While the Base2 IT team is not currently using all available modules, they are actively working with TANSS support to take advantage of even more features and continue to improve their system. As a result, the company has been able to continuously develop and automate many processes over the past few years. The exchange with HUCK IT and other TANSS users also played a not insignificant role, which is why Gunnar and Patrick regularly participated in community formats such as "TANSS for System House Managers" and the TANSS Content House.


The Escalation & Rules module is the most popular module of the system house, as it brings extremely versatile and complex dynamics to the table. The module has enabled not only Base2 IT, but also many other companies to rebuild and automate their old processes, it opens up new possibilities and also helps to save time and effort.


Improved processes

Growth means change - and where there is change, there is also chaos. That's why Base2 IT's management regularly takes time to look at the company's processes and optimize them. Setting milestones and defining clear schedules are the be-all and end-all and are definitely worth the time and attention they require. Managing such strategic tasks will also increasingly become the core content of Gunnar and Patrick's everyday work, in which they will improve processes in order to hand over responsibility, while still prioritizing the pursuit of perfection and the desire to continuously improve their own way of working.

- Patrick Wienecke (Base2 IT)
Above all, I believe it's not about competition, but about making our everyday work more efficient and enjoyable. Our goal is to efficiently manage the heavy workload and ensure that we can successfully meet those demands.
- Patrick Wienecke (Base2 IT)

Unforgettable moments with HUCK IT and the community

This striving for perfection and the desire for continuous improvement of their own working methods are also what Base2 IT has in common with HUCK IT and what excites the two managing partners about HUCK IT in addition to their passion for the product. Similar topics and challenges, cooperation at eye level and the open exchange with each other are a decisive added value. The exchange in the community shows that many other system houses have similar problems and develop approaches to solutions, which enables cooperation, support from like-minded people and an intensive exchange of experiences - "It's good to see that other system houses have similar challenges and that we can learn from their experiences" Patrick confided to us in the interview, which Gunnar confirmed by saying "The format of the Content House and similar events accelerates this process. Here we have the opportunity to have many conversations in a short time and to exchange ideas intensively. There is always new impetus and clarity about topics that occupy us" he added.


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