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November 2023

Key Facts

Used modules

  • Basic Module
  • Device Management
  • Ticket System
  • Project Ticket
  • Maintenance Contract
  • License Management
  • Telephony
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Mail Robot
  • Escalation & Rules
  • Dashboard
  • Chat

"Only TANSS was able to meet our requirements, no other system could do that."

During the Experience Day, we conducted an interview with Lukasz Utz from Brunner&Schmidt Datentechnik. He gives an insight into his company's decision to use TANSS as its new ticket system. With 35 employees, including around 25 technicians, the system house supports a wide range of customers, including tax consultants, lawyers and clients of tax consultants. The in-house developed ticket system had been in use for almost two decades, but could not be further developed for capacity reasons. After a year and a half of intensive searching, TANSS was chosen, with an impressive 90% coverage of requirements. According to Lukasz, the decisive reason for this is the origin of TANSS: it comes from a system house, was developed for the company's own system house and can also be adapted to other system houses.

"TANSS may seem overwhelming at first glance with its many functions and possibilities, but when implemented correctly, it is exactly what the system house business reflects."

He points out that the system house business is complex and difficult to map due to the wide range of services that have to be provided with limited resources and systems. TANSS stands out for its ability to deal with this complexity. Compared to other systems tested, he always felt that they only covered up to 40 percent of the industry's requirements. "I was able to implement some functions really easily." Lukasz explains that despite the progress made so far, there is still a lot of work ahead of them. They have only just started to create individual tickets and checklists. The focus is now on automation processes that could not be implemented with reasonable effort in the old system: "There is still a lot to do, but we have to take our time. If you don't start, you won't finish." These comprehensive processes make it possible to compensate for part of the shortage of specialists by automatically controlling many processes, whether it be ticket creation, escalations or the automatic generation of tickets from other systems via interfaces (API). For logistical reasons, Brunner&Schmidt has decided to start with half of the modules. The introduction will initially focus on the basic modules such as the ticket system and the telephone system. In future, the company also wants to take care of processes, mass tickets and maintenance contracts: "In future, we will use at least 80 percent of the modules in the final implementation phase of TANSS.

"The feeling of being picked up properly at the take-off call is really worth its weight in gold."

His personal highlight: the take-off calls. He shares his conviction that the best advice for those interested is to take part in the take-off calls right from the start, even if you don't think you're ready yet. You just have to jump in at the deep end and listen, because the questions you want to ask will come automatically. Lukasz describes the take-off calls as an experience with incomparable added value that he has never had in his 20-year IT career. He regrets not having taken part earlier: "I wouldn't want to miss the take-off call with Tobias, he is simply competent".

For the overall well-being of Brunner&Schmidt

Finally, Lukasz points out the challenges in his industry and explains that every small decision is crucial for long-term success. It is very important to find new employees and retain the existing ones. That's why the company focuses on improving working conditions and inspiring employees, a goal they are now pursuing with TANSS. The company is aiming for a comprehensive improvement in order to offer customers more opportunities. Lukasz emphasizes that this was not possible with the old software for security reasons, while TANSS is designed to provide customers with documentation options.

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