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June 2023

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Technology in Change, Adaptation as an Opportunity: Bernhard Deeken and TANSS

The technologies we use every day are changing and constantly evolving. It is therefore important for companies to adapt and keep up with these changes. The introduction of a new system can come with both benefits and difficulties. It can help increase efficiency and improve performance, but it can also bring challenges, such as the need to redesign and adapt processes accordingly. Bernhard Deeken, Managing Director of Deeken.Technology, has been using TANSS with his 12-member team since mid-2021 and shares his experience and the lessons learned through the implementation and use of the service management solution in an exciting conversation with us.

Technology in Change, Adaptation as an Opportunity: Bernhard Deeken and TANSS

What motivated Deeken.Technology to change its ticketing system back then and why TANSS?

Bernhard had contacted TANSS back in the early days when his company was still very small. At that time, he found that the system did not quite fit his needs. However, after about five years, due to dissatisfaction with his previous system, he was looking for a new tool that had been on the market for a longer time and came from an experienced company, so he contacted them again. Since the name "TANSS" was already familiar to him and he knew that other companies were using it successfully and were very satisfied with it, the decision to change was easy for him. He had already seen the system in a few places and therefore had a rough idea of what to expect, which made it much easier for him to get started with the system.

To what extent did the test phase of TANSS contribute to the purchase decision?

Bernhard emphasized that the test phase provided by TANSS was particularly valuable for his company. As a team, they had the opportunity to test the system for weeks without obligation and to use it productively before they decided to purchase it. It was this experience that ultimately convinced them that the system would work for them as a company and meet their needs. This approach of making software available through an extensive test phase convinced them so much that they have now adopted this model for their own software applications, Bernhard confided to us.

To what extent did the test phase of TANSS contribute to the purchase decision?

How is Deeken.Technology networked with other system houses and how does the company exchange information via TANSS?

The fact that many other system houses with which Deeken.Technology is associated also use TANSS makes it much easier to share information and collaborate. Bernhard particularly likes the fact that one of their main suppliers also uses TANSS, which enabled them to gain insight into the supplier's internal processes while sharing their own. Not only did this improve collaboration between them, but it also allowed for the exchange of ideas and momentum. "The widespread use of TANSS, and thereby of course the common use of one system in different areas, such as security, greatly facilitates exchange and collaboration, which is a clear advantage," says Bernhard.

- Bernhard Deeken (Deeken.Technology)
The transition to TANSS has led us to increased efficiency and productivity, which is a great benefit to both our company and our customers.
- Bernhard Deeken (Deeken.Technology)

Is there a particular experience with the Customer Success Team?

Some time ago, Bernhard scaled up the ticket system and subsequently struggled with a (bogus) problem. He then received a call from TANSS Support, who offered him an alternative perspective on the situation. Bernhard realized that the perceived problem was not actually a real problem, but more a matter of approach. With input from the TANSS team, the company was able to rebuild and improve its processes. He emphasized that the experience reminded him of the importance of having a willingness to openly consider new perspectives and look at challenges in different ways. In his view, one solution is often to change processes and ways of working, rather than blaming the system.

Finally, we were interested in what impact the introduction of TANSS had on day-to-day business?

Although he had originally hoped that the implementation would be completed within four weeks, Bernhard found that it did take longer than expected. This underscores the importance of realistic expectations when it comes to implementing new systems and processes. Nevertheless, he is thoroughly positive about the introduction of TANSS. In particular, he highlights how using TANSS has helped technicians in his company document their work more efficiently. This, in turn, has resulted in more recorded work hours, which has brought financial benefits to the company. „Before the implementation, we didn't have the ability to introduce maintenance contracts in the way we can now. This means that we can now work in a completely different way, of course, due to the monthly revenue. And it also has an advantage for our customers if we have functioning systems through which we can optimize our processes. Then the support we provide is much more reliable. That benefits us tremendously.", Bernhard described it to us at the end of our interview.

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