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Midland IT: An impressive story in the system house sector

In the system house sector, one thing counts above all: an organized way of working and an effective and structured workflow. Midland IT, a leading system house from East Westphalia, has understood precisely this and made it the core of its work. Since 2007, the team of 46 employees specializing in managed service and cloud solutions has been using TANSS to turn the precise documentation of their work processes into their competitive advantage and to bill their services without any problems.

Let's take a look behind the scenes: A Talk with Midland IT and TANSS

We asked Marc Hurrelmann, one of the two managing directors of Midland IT, a few questions about TANSS in an exciting interview at the Content House in Mallorca. Four topics were in the spotlight:

Midland IT: An impressive story in the system house sector

What motivated Midland IT to bring TANSS into play?

To show full commitment is one thing. But it's quite another to be able to document and account for it - a realization that led Midland IT to integrate TANSS into its system in 2007 in order to gain a better overview of the technicians' work and to bring billing management up to scratch. And indeed, TANSS turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle and real game-changer for the company. "As I've said many times in the past, I don't think we would exist today without TANSS," Marc confided to us.

What motivated Midland IT to bring TANSS into play?

Were there any challenges with the rollout?

"We were immediately enthusiastic when Ralf presented TANSS to us in 2007" - The program was then quickly integrated and adapted. Over the years, TANSS slowly evolved step by step. For Midland IT, the advantage was that changes and innovations were smoothly integrated into the company's work processes - "I always had the impression that the development of TANSS kept pace with our needs and that we were able to evolve together". By comparison, TANSS users fresh on board today face a slightly greater challenge, but usually bring more complex requirements with them. However, because TANSS modules have always been developed "from practice for practice," they are based on real business requirements today, as they were then.

What potential do TANSS events and the expansion of the community offer?

"I have already participated twice in the TANSS for system house managers events" - For Marc as Managing Director of Midland IT, the exchange with other entrepreneurs was clearly the top priority. Getting to know each other and sharing how TANSS is being used in businesses is extremely valuable to him as a CEO. "This is the way to learn - through trial and error and experience. Everyone ends up having a different view of the program, depending on their business model, and learning about other uses can even develop into a new business model in some cases."

What potential do TANSS events and the expansion of the community offer?
- Marc Hurrelmann (Midland IT)
It is not simply a profitable product that makes money. It is a passion for the subject and a dedication to develop the software to meet the requirements and needs.
- Marc Hurrelmann (Midland IT)

Which special moments with the TANSS team will be remembered and which TANSS feature has highlight potential?

Of course, the goal in the service business is to turn services into money. What sounds simple, however, is not so simple in most cases. However, TANSS continues to perform this task with outstanding reliability for Midland IT, making this feature one of the fundamental features that Marc and his team use and value. In terms of features, the escalation and rules system is currently at the top of the highlight podium for Marc, as it allows them to describe processes in the best possible way and handle them in a more efficient, standardized and qualitative way, which "makes the lives of individual employees much easier and simpler." The fact that TANSS is building a community and promoting exchange is another special feature for him, because it shows that TANSS does not neglect practical relevance and works close to its customers to understand their needs. This includes, above all, the fact that the management team organizes events to strengthen the community and thus better implement customer requests. What stands out most positively to Marc, as the CEO of Midland IT and a long-time TANSS user, is the passion and dedication the team has for the product. Both Ralf and Chris bring a particular enthusiasm for the product, with TANSS' pricing and performance, in his opinion, already being clear and transparent in the past. In Marc's words, "It's not just about financial success, it's about creating a tool that meets the needs of every employee."


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