Manage tickets collectively and process them en masse

  • Open bulk tickets using extensive filtering options
  • Bulk ticket management and processing
  • Mass mailing to ticket contact persons

Edit ticket groups with a few clicks

The mass ticket makes it possible to generate a customer list via numerous filters and to create a mass ticket based on this customer list. This allows multiple tickets to be opened, administered and edited centrally in one place. Change assignments, ticket statuses or due dates - all with one click.

Edit ticket groups with a few clicks
Edit ticket groups with a few clicks

Let TANSS do the work

Example: You want to inform all 150 customers with software license ABC about a new update and arrange an appointment to install the update. First display a list of all customers using software license ABC based on the filters. Open a mass ticket (consisting of 150 tickets) for these companies. Write from your mass ticket a mail to the contact persons of the companies. From 100 customers you get a feedback. Assign these 100 tickets to the technical department with one click and set the ticket status to "in process". You close the other 50 tickets of the customers from whom you have not received any feedback with one click.

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